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The DEKA Story

The Same Pioneering Spirit. Since 1991

Since almost 30 years DEKA has been innovating the world with medical laser systems and new therapies. Improving the work of doctors and the well-being of their patients is the commitment that our founders continue to honour, today as they did in the past.

Our story begins in the early ‘90s. It is the story of three decades of experimentation and innovation, comprising people, researchers and scientific discoveries that have created real benefits for doctors and patients all over the world.

DEKA as a Vibrant Epicentre

Present in more than 120 countries, DEKA has always been an epicentre of innovation for the entire global medical sector: unprecedented applications and systems for medicine, surgery and aesthetic dermatology, that have opened up new horizons of care, take shape every day in our laboratories.


'Cause Physicians are Our Ambassadors

Doctors and surgeons are our first brand ambassadors as well as our main source of inspiration and evolution. They help us to imagine and improve their future. This is why we have a long history of collaboration with prestigious professionals, and dedicate events, apps, assistance and exclusive resources to doctors. Find out on our website how to register with DEKA Club and participate in the user-workshops of our very popular Academy, whose beating heart is in Florence and which prepares the trainers and specialists who animate our training events all over the world.

Explore the Past

Development of CO₂ laser systems for gynaecology - First short-pulse Nd:YAG laser

First long-pulse Nd:YAG laser - Patent of the first laser system for Laserlipolysis (SmartLipo®)

Patent of the IPL pulsed light technology (Photosilk) - Launch of the first MEL@308 nm source (Excilite)

First CO₂ fractional laser (DOT Therapy and Madonna Lift) - Launch of the first CO₂ vaginal treatment (MonaLisa Touch®)

Moveo Technology: first multipass Alex laser for hair removal

Launch of Coolwaves®: first microwave for body contouring (Onda) - Launch of vaginal RF single-use handpiece

DEKA's Innate Ability

Before AI We Use IA

Innate Ability is DEKA's answer to the juxtaposition between man and machine, between the digital world and physical world, and between the propensity for speed and the need for manual skill. While the whole world is talking about emerging technologies - such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - we, with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, are decoding the future and the present with our Innate Ability, constructed from the solid mix of experience, skill and talent that permeate our very nature; a reliable mix that is difficult to replicate in other worlds and contexts. With Innate Ability we have been working for decades to support the doctor and his reputation, making life easier for doctors and patients all over the world with high performance, efficient and safe solutions. Before AI we use IA, our human Innate Ability.


Cross Fertilisation

Success Soars Better Share

As part of the El.En ecosystem, a group of companies active since 1981 in the field of lasers for medicine, industry and conservative restoration, DEKA absorbs knowledge from the most disparate fields in terms of innovation, efficiency and project optimisation. The hybridisation of knowledge from one industrial segment to another adds competitive advantage. The dynamics of cross fertilisation stimulate new ideas and allow the ongoing sharing of different skills and approaches, so providing the exploration of new possibilities beyond our everyday practices.

With the same collaborative and open innovation approach as the El.En Group to which it belongs, DEKA produces its own technology and multidisciplinary know-how with innovative laser sources and systems for the medical sector, and over the years has become a reference point for scholars and scientific researchers, who have always been involved in the clinical trials and in national and international research projects.


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